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4-wide is a scale of making LEGO cars - four studs across, about 1 and one-third of an inch wide. They are typically about eleven studs long, and approximately 3 bricks high (including the wheels with tires).

While many people believe that LEGO is nothing more than a simple toy for children, they are wrong. Over two-hundred-thousand adults (excluding teens and children who also take it up as a serious art form) around the world practice making beautiful, innovative and creative things in LEGO as an art form - and share it with others at conventions, on the internet, and elsewhere.

Also, while the 4-wide scale (The LEGO Company calls them Tiny Turbos, as their line) is respected by most as a good parts pack full of rare colors and rare and useful parts. However, they are mostly disapproved of by adults as childish simply for their small size. Many other people, dismiss this notion as ridiculous and pursue their making of them, not slowing down by discouragements.

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